As the 2018 national election quickly approaches and Sierra Leone divides itself along party lines, it is essential that we come together to protect the future of the land which unites us all. We know that our land holds everything needed for Sierra Leone to thrive, yet our development has been restrained by policies that do not favor our collective best interest and non-enforcement of regulations that would protect the most vulnerable among us. This year a preventable disaster claimed the lives of more than 1,000 Sierra Leoneans in a matter of minutes. These issues can no longer wait.  

We are a collective of Sierra Leonean Civil Society Organizations with a goal of bringing land to the forefront of conversation during the 2018 elections through the Wi Land Na Wi Fyuchɔ campaign. By asking citizens, institutions, and organizations to join this movement, we hope to bring Sierra Leone’s voters together to demand that our political aspirants pledge their commitment to protecting the future of our land.

Please contact us if your organization is interested in joining this timely and important initiative